IMG_8582Pilates based exercises can be done at any stage during your pregnancy, under qualified teaching to ensure you exercise safely.

During pregnancy, expectant mothers can feel increased pressure on the pelvic floor due to the weight of the baby. The abdominal muscles are also stretched and the ligaments tend to relax in preparation for delivery. For mums-to-be, pilates is a wonderful way to find relief from the discomfort caused by these necessary changes in the body. Activating your core muscles and stabilising the joints through pilates practice can ease your back and pelvic pain, and because it is a no impact activity, it reduces any strain on the joints.

One-to-one classes involve a gentle warm up, floor mat exercises focusing on core strength and back flexibility. If you are in your second or third trimester, we use pillows and wedges to support support yourself in an incline, preventing you feeling lightheaded by reducing pressure on the vein supplying blood to the heart.

Gail Preston is an experienced physiotherapist and pilates instructor with a relaxed, inclusive teaching style.

Gail’s ante-natal classes run as follows:

  • Time: Please contact me for class times
  • Location: Clock House Methodist Church in Beckenham
  • Class length: 50 mins
  • Requirements: You can start at any stage of your pregnancy
  • Price: Classes are £10 each or £70 for 8 classes taken within 12 weeks (it’s important to reserve your place at each session in advance)
  • Class size: Limited to 8 people to allow for individual attention

Please contact us for more information, learn more about pilates or find out about our FitBack & Bumps courses.